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Alicia Wagner

Meet your coach

If it has to do with lasting weight loss, food freedom, and getting fit for life I can help!

Let me guess, you’re here for one of these reasons…

1. You are sick and tired of trying diet after diet, only to regain the weight lost.
2. You want to feel good in your clothes and confident in your body.
3. You want to stop obsessing about calorie counting and build a better relationship with food.
4. You want to lose weight and get fit without giving up your favorite foods or spending hours in the gym doing workouts you hate.
5. You want to create a better sense of balance and build a healthy lifestyle you can actually stick with.

Good news girlfriend, because if any or all of the above apply, you’re in the right spot.

I’m Coach Alicia, a personal trainer and nutrition coach, and it’s my mission to help busy women lose weight for good so they can live a life they love in a body they feel confident in.

Where my journey began…

I started my coaching career as a personal trainer in my hometown of Columbia, Missouri after discovering the joy of getting strong through lifting weights. I fell head-over-heels in love with how strength training made me feel – confident, powerful, unstoppable – and I wanted to share that with others, so I became an ACE certified personal trainer in 2012 and started working with clients at a local gym.

Ironically, as I was training others to get strong and build more body-confidence, I started to feel insecure about my own body. I was a student at the University of Missouri, and even though I continued to work out consistently, my eating habits weren’t great and I gained 15 pounds within a few months. I remember crying in the parking lot after a doctor’s appointment because I was shocked and ashamed at what the scale said when the nurse weighed me and I felt like a fraud – how could I be a personal trainer when I couldn’t even keep my own weight under control?

That moment was the start of my fall into the same diet trap and food obsession that so many women struggle with. After that doctor’s appointment, I vowed to work harder, eat better, and get the weight off because I didn’t like how I looked and I didn’t like how I felt.

Something had to change…

I tried “clean eating,” meal plans, calorie counting, and finally macro tracking using apps while weighing everything with a food scale. Nothing seemed to last and every failed attempt at changing my body left me with more baggage and diet-demons to battle than before.

I wanted food freedom, so I could enjoy traveling around the world, trying new cuisine without stressing about whether I would be able to track the macros accurately or worrying about whether or not I’d be able to fit in my clothes by the end of the trip.

I wanted to be able to put on my favorite jeans and feel confident that I’d like how I looked in the mirror, instead of riding the weight-gain-weight-loss rollercoaster all the time that required a new wardrobe every few months.

Mostly, I wanted a healthy lifestyle that worked for me so I could live a life I loved in a body I felt confident in.

Eventually, several nutrition courses and certifications later (coupled with a lot of trial and error as I stumbled my way around the nutrition and fitness scene), I found all of those things through a process of changing my habits, mindset, and approach to eating, moving, and living well.

We’re in this together

No more dieting.

No more food obsession.

No more major weight swings.

Just eating, moving, and living a balanced and healthy lifestyle in a way that works for me.

And now I want to show you how to do the same.

If you’re not sure where to start or you’re feeling a little stuck, I want to invite you to a free Breakthrough Call with me. During this call we’ll get clear on what it will take to reach your goals and pinpoint your next steps so you can finally make real, sustainable progress.

My coaching style is thorough, but laid back in a “we’re in this together – let’s make it fun” kind of way. I’ll meet you where you are, and together we’ll get you where you want to go with your fitness, weight loss, and lifestyle.

All you need to do to get started is CLICK HERE, and select your preferred time from my calendar. Once your Breakthrough Call is booked, fill out the pre-call questionnaire on the confirmation page so I can get to know a little bit more about you and your goals.

Getting fit for life, ditching diets, and feeling confident in your body is not a pipe dream. You CAN get there. Let me show you how.

Get the clarity you need to finally get the results you want!

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Want to learn more about me?

My Favorite Activity

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I’ve been to 19 countries so far and if you ask me to pick my favorite place I’ve ever visited, I couldn’t. Everywhere is unique and has its own magic to offer.

My Weird Addiction

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True-Crime Podcasts

Serial was my gateway drug, and since then I can’t stop binge-listening to this genre.

My Go-To Sport

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It Depends On The Season

In the winter I spend the weekends snowboarding and in the summer I love hiking and horsebacking riding

My Favorite Food

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But not the instant ramen that comes in a brick. I’m talking the real-deal from Japan: ramen noodles with juicy pork slices and a soft boiled egg. 

My Favorite Holiday

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Despite popular opinion, the Christmas season actually begins on November 1st. It takes a short break on the last Thursday of every November and then resumes until December 25th.

My Favorite Board Game

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It’s A Toss Up...

Scrabble and Rivals For Catan are my two favorites. The best part of playing is beating my husband.